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Full time. Lots of work. Lots of standing and doing nothing. Lots of talking to alcoholics.
But what do you figure when you work at a liquor store?

I've only been working there for a week, and I already know a couple of regulars.
I don't think that say much for them, huh? Adurhurhur.

I'll come back. I promise. I will.
  • Listening to: Vermillion Lies - Drift
  • Playing: The Sims 3
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UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009   Traditional Artist
I forgot to say let's see your simmies.
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009   Traditional Artist
I put a pic of my simmies in my scraps gallery. :B
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009   Traditional Artist
You've got The Sims 3? I'm so envious! I've got all the first Sims but fucking Vista won't play them so I'm waiting to be able to afford Sims3 since that should work on Vista...

I hope you find the liquor store gig ok? Have you ever listened to 'SHUT UP, LITTLE MAN!', the cd starring Ray Huffman and Peter Haskett? It's the funniest thing ever recorded. The liquor store in that is called Wahlgreen's. Just so you know. :B
infamy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
Eh, the Sims 3 would be totally kickass if my computer could handle it. The maximum speed is SLOWER than the second to maximum speed because of the loading process. lol

I like the ability to go anywhere in the neighborhood.
BUT, what I love the most is this thing you get called traits. You can pick from things like Artistic, Loner, Flirty, Slob, Innapropriate, Couch Potato... and it all effects the way your sim behaves. It really makes them unique.

I've got a dude with a mohawk that's a Virtuoso (faster Guitar skill), Charismatic (faster Charisma skill), Clumsy, and Insane. That means he talks to himself sometimes and never wears the right set of clothing to the right event (swimwear to bed).

Living with him I've got my asian lesbians.
One is Hotheaded, a Genius (faster Logic skill), a Kleptomaniac (she has to steal things from time to time to make her happy), Ambitious (faster promotions, but freaks out if you haven't gotten one in a while), and a Computer Wiz.
The other one is the more timid one that stays at home. She's a Natural Cook (faster cooking skill), Green Thumb (faster gerdening skill), Loves the Outdoors, Good (can cheer other sims up), and is Nuerotic (that means she has to wash her hands in the sink like 5 times, and has a "freak out" option that leaves her calm for a good amount of time, but worries other sims).

Feels like I'm describing real people, hunh? Honestly, A LOT has happened since the original Sims, but that does stand out a lot. In the Sims 2 they added a feature called Aspirations and Wishes that they carried on into Sims 3. For that, you pick a life goal for your sim. Also, as you're playing the game little wishes will appear like "Become friends with Diana" or "Clean the Counter" or "raise Cooking skill", and when you complete them it makes your sims happy and gives you points.
Then you use the points to get cool shit.

Hm... I seem to have gone off on a tangent.

Hehe sounds interesting. As soon as I get my first paycheck I can start frequenting Blockbuster again and actually start watching all of your references. (I'm also pretty happy about being able to afford a gym membership now).
It's alright. I'm only getting paid 8 dollars an hour, which is disappointing, and there's really NOTHING to do there. Like at all. I usually end up sitting on the counter by the register waiting for people to walk in. And you know the way management gets sorta mad at you when you're sitting around doing nothing but you've already dusted and sweeped everything in sight and there genuinely is nothing to do? xP

But yes. I've got to head over to work in about 4 hours. Hopefully I can speak to you again soon.
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009   Traditional Artist
So I bought The Sims 3, which is kind of YOUR fault since you just had to go on about it. =) No it's not your fault, I figured the Arvikafestivalen was too expensive anyway since there was really only one band I wanted to see.

I love it, of course. But where the hell do you take guitar lessons? I just can't find that place. My sim Sylvia Solanas wants a music career but I can't help her unless I find the bloody guitar place. Sylvia's childish and likes to sit on the floor playing with a kids' toy horse. :B

So far I've only got Sylvia and a guy called Darryl Revok who noone seems to want to talk to. I can't believe there's so many things to tender to, like wishes and lifelong goals, like you said. But that's what makes it so much fun! I got some Sim money when I registred at so I downloaded a top for Sylvia and an ugly painting for Darryl.

And I just love how you can zoom and move the camera in so many ways! It's a miracle the game works flawlessly on Vista...
infamy Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2009
Yeah, it would work well for me if my computer wasn't crap.

I had trouble with this, too.

Guitar lessons and the music career are at the Theatre.
Painting lessons are at the gifted school (next to central park).
Fishing and Gardening lessons are at the Grocery store.
Handy lessons are at the military base.
Charisma is at the politics place.
I forget the rest.

I HIGHLY recommend only doing lessons for the first three or four skill points, because they are mucho faster than doing it yourself, and you can't take lessons anymore after like 5 points. That is, if you have to money.
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009   Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! I noticed my Sylvia could get some small guitar knowledge at work too, by talking to musicians. And I shall follow your recommendations on taking lessons.

Yesterday, I moved a couple into a nice house but it was haunted by three ghosts and everything became a mess and there was a fire after five minutes and the visiting neighbours were almost burned alive. :B
infamy Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2009

The only annoying thing about that is the "switch active household" thing. All you really loose while switching is your wishes, though, so it's not so bad.

Also, there's an option called "story progression mode" that lets sims in the neighborhood act on their own while you're playing.
So if you want Sylvia and your dude to stay the same while you play the new couple, switch that mode off in options.
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009   Traditional Artist
He he, there's so many things to keep track on. I've missed out on the 'story progression mode' since I thought that'd happen by itself...
UrartadKonst Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009   Traditional Artist
So Sims3 does come off as interesting as I thought it'd be. That mohawk guy sounds a bit like me, except for the guitar skills.
My computer's supposed to have the engine to be able to handle it but I won't believe it until I see it, I had to fool around with the graphics tools to get it to run Unreal3 properly. It's stunning now, but I'll wait and see what unforseen troubles will pop up with the little Sims.

I'd want to rush out today and buy it but I'm trying hard to save up for Arvikafestivalen, a Swedish festival (you may have guessed that) where NiN's supposed to play. Also, there's Depeche Mode, DAF and a hundred shitty bands, too. Also, Jenny Wilson, a Swede who's tunes I think you'd like. I used to almost have a crush on her but she's married and keep getting kids, like everyone else. =(

I'm ashamed to admit I never tried Sims2. I blame that too on Vista. In fact, you can trace any problems regarding the human condition back to Windows Vista. :B Can you play Sims3 online? If so, our simmies can get together when I've gotten it and have a party, or a pub brawl!

When I was into Sims I loved downloading weird furniture and clothes for them from Japanese sites. And there was this brilliant tool which you used to upload your own paintings for the sims to have on their walls, there's got to be something like that in this one too, right?

I'm sad to say Blockbuster won't be able to help you with SHUT UP, LITTLE MAN! since it's an audio cd. In short, two drunks were recorded hollerin' at eachother in San Francisco by their disturbed neighbours and their rants are the funniest ever, it has to be heard to be believed. I'd be happy to mail you a copy. They also have a fun website where in the Hatemail section there's two drunken rants from yours truly. Eddie Lee Sausage, the guy who made the recordings, is like the nicest coolest guy ever. He's also a great artist...

You're not missing much here on dA, at the moment. I'm just hoping to see you around more often of course. =) I did a bogus poll about the greatest work of art ever, just to include my own name, but some people seem to take shit like that seriously. I've also been uploading all kinds of crappy paintings because someone asked me when the hell I was going to upload something new, ha ha...
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